How to Display All Keyboard Shortcuts Lists on Windows XP, Vista for Faster Performance

If previous posts are to tweak internet speed for faster online performance, or offline (to tweak windows), etc, this Mouse v.s. Keyboard? lol, I think you all are already aware of a 'shortcut' on Windows XP Operating System (OS). By using a shortcut, we can tweak our working process. We all know CTRL-C for 'Copy', CTRL-V for 'Paste', etc.. but did you know ALL shortcut keys lists available on your windows XP? Yeah, There's no need for us to keep all of them in mind, you can just remember some of them which are useful and effective for your work habit.

Instead of clicking a mouse, i tend to use a keyboard shortcut e.g "Windows LOGO"+E for openning Windows Explorer (My Computer). I find that using shortcuts will make it faster and not wasting my valueable time. Time is money, isn't it? Is Time Really Money? Yeah, i will not discuss it

Why is Shortcut?
Use shortcut keys as an alternative to the mouse when working in Windows. You can open, close, and navigate the Start menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes, and Web pages using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts may also make it easier for you to interact with your computer. (Windows keyboard shortcuts overview from ..\Windows\Help\keyshort.chm)

How to display those Windows shortcuts lists? It's easy, Here's the how-to for you in case you really need this how-to to tweak windows or just wonder the way:
1. Open / click Windows logo, "Start" menu on your desktop
2. Choose "Run..."
3. Type this command: "%windir%\Help\keyshort.chm"
4. There will be a new window "Keyboard Shortcuts", yes you got the Windows keyboard shortcuts overview, There are many shortcuts on Windows huh?!:
+ General keyboard shortcuts
+ Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
+ Natural keyboard shortcuts
+ Accessibility keyboard shortcuts
+ Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Just Expand/collapse all of them, and you'll see all the shortcuts lists on Windows XP, Vista

Here are some "Keyboard Shorcuts" lists screenshots:
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