Pinkie Pom 1.2 adds New Jigsaw Puzzle game mode

HWDOT just updated Pinkie Pom with the addition of a new puzzle game mode, Jigsaw Puzzles! You can now unlock this game Mode after playing Adventure mode stage 25. Arrange the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture. Playing Jigsaw puzzles has never been easier with no mess and no missing pieces. There is also a small finished puzzle preview to help you solve it. Let's improve your visual memory and search skills!

Pinkie Pom has a lot of game elements, including Adventure Mode, Match-Three Puzzle Mode, Jigsaw Puzzles, Endless Flappy Flying game mode, Endless relaxing Card Memory game mode, and various things to unlock. There are many mini games inside Pinkie Pom that lets player enjoy playing, tapping, matching, flapping, flying, jumping, memorizing, solving, and multitasking. So are you still looking for a complete PomPom game? Play Pinkie Pom once and you'll want to play this challenging pom pom game more. Lots of fun!

You can now update the Pinkie Pom from the official Google Play store.
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