Pixel Zombie Sniper 1.2.3 released with Zombie City and Zombie Typing gameplay

HWDOT today announces that it released a new update version 1.2.3 of Pixel Zombie Sniper, an arcade zombie shooting game in pixel isometric 3D art for Android-powered smartphones. The latest version has been released with two game modes available to play, "Zombie City" and "Zombie Typing". Inspired by retro-style and classic zombie shooting gameplay, Pixel Zombie Sniper is surely one of the best colorful pixel zombie shooting games for touch screens, your next free-to-play challenging Zombie Shooter game! Loaded with endless survival mode and 1080p FHD graphics, Pixel Zombie Sniper is available now from HWDOT as a free download on Google Play.

What's New in version 1.2.3
· NEW: Now you can play two game modes, "Zombie City" and "Zombie Typing"!
· Improved gameplay, A.I., and visuals for all civilians/zombies/bosses (isometric 3D graphics).
· Added isometric 3D city maps with several obstacles which can be avoided by characters while they are moving. Much more challenging versus last version!
· Added new background music (rock).
· Fixed sound on/off setting not saved after gameover.
· Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Pixel Zombie Sniper game takes you on a mission through a Pixel World which has been devastated by a virus turning humanity into pixel zombies. A pixel virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread like wildfire that turns people into zombies. Some citizens are already infected by the pixel zombies, but many civilians are still waiting to be rescued! So as a real sniper pick up your long range sniper rifle and get ready to fight against incoming dead zombies!

Your mission is to quickly and accurately shoot all the walking dead zombies but at the same time you must protect the survivors to escape to the evacuation center! This pixel zombie shooting game is intended for those, who like game of survival. You have to survive and save as many people as you can. Sounds easy? But, would you be able to truly shoot the walking dead zombie and complete the mission without mistakes?

Everything starts easy and you just need to precisely hit all the walking dead zombies, but things will get really challenging and hard as you progress through. The pixel zombies are multiplicating like ants. Remember that don't let them bite you!

Pixel Zombie Sniper is an Endless Action Shooting game with colorful pixel maps where you have to snipe all the walking dead zombies to earn points. This game is about surviving. You can survive the mission longer by rescuing remaining civilians to collect bonus time.

Do you like shooting games? Do you like sniper games? Pixel Zombie Sniper is a simple and addicting zombie shooting game with 1080p FHD graphics. In this sniper games, you can turn your Android phone into a battle field and terminate all the walking dead zombies by using your sniper lethal skills. Be the best American Sniper, Use your superb shooting skills to return the pixel world its peace! How far can you survive? Will you be a true Pixel Sniper? Will you be Pixel World's hero?

If you like zombie-themed games and are in search of a simplified mini zombie shooter game, then look no further. This is a simple but challenging zombie shooting game for you!

Pixel Zombie Sniper Features
★ Two game modes, "Zombie City" and "Zombie Typing"!
★ Retro 2D Pixel Art with modern isometric 3D art combined!
★ Zombie City: Simple control (One tap to shoot)!
★ Zombie City: Simple user interface (UI) with Pause system!
★ Zombie City: Endless game with Unlimited Shots and Time Bonus system!
★ Spooky sound effects with rock background music and Zombie Blood effects!
★ One-hand friendly Android game, Designed specifically with the portrait orientation in mind!

How to play Pixel Zombie Sniper:
1. "Zombie City" game mode
- Just Tap screen to snipe zombies!
(Tip: you can also drag your finger first to aim, and lift it precisely on the target to shoot all the walking dead zombies)
- Snipe all the walking dead zombies, do not let it get away! Be careful do not snipe humans! Evacuation of civilians is your first priority.
- Quickly and accurately eliminate maximum numbers of crazy Zombies in increased speed and hit the highest score!
2. "Zombie Typing" game mode
Type keyboard to shoot the walking dead zombies with various keywords.

Are you up for the challenge? Let's Play Pixel Zombie Sniper and Challenge your sniper lethal skills in this simple fun shooting game! Play shooting zombies with addicting Pixel Zombie Sniper once and you'll want to play the new amazing "Zombie City" and "Zombie Typing" sniper game more!

You can now download the Pixel Zombie Sniper from the official Google Play store.

HWDOT is a developer and publisher of casual games for mobile including Pinkie Pom, ZEL, Flower Game, 144 Blocks Puzzle, Lolly Pop Bubble Shooter, 1001+ Emoji Puzzles, Color Queen! Flood Puzzle, Super Game Plus, and Pixel Zombie Sniper. We specialize in delivering free-to-play mobile games to markets around the world. For more information, please visit www.hwdot.com.
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