How to use GPS with Google Maps on Samsung i780 (Problem + Settings)

How do i get i780 working with GPS satellite with Google map?

Your Samsung i780 Windows Mobile smartphone can't get the GPS satellite working on Google maps, when you go to enable GPS, all you get is seeking gps satellites (0) and can never lock onto anything.. It can't connect to GPS!!

Go on reading if you really have these i780 gps problems, are stuck with the i780 gps settings, and need to activate GPS on your i780.

How To Fix Windows Live Communication Platform error? (Windows Live Messenger Sign-In Problems)

Are you still having trouble with Windows Live Messenger sign in, even though your WLM version is already the latest version? Whenever you login, you always get a very annoying error pop-up shows saying "Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"...

How to use Windows Registry Cleaners safely

Looking for a good Windows Registry Cleaner? Yeah, there are literally thousands of free registry cleaners for Windows XP and Vista to keep your computer running at high speed. Here are some of my favorite registry cleaner programs, i generally use. Every app has its own (+)s and (-)s. I'll try to share my experience using my best three FREE registry cleaners: Comodo System Cleaner, CCleaner, and EasyCleaner.

How to Secure your WordPress blog Against Hacking?

WordPress users warned of hacking worms! Recently, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has posted an article about keeping your WordPress installation safe. It discusses a worm which is targetting older versions of WordPress by creating a “hidden” admin user. The attack affects only self-hosted versions of WordPress (, not those at The solution to avoid being attacked, if you have not done so already, update your WordPress install immediately to the latest version. Keeping your WordPress up to date is "taking your vitamins; fixing a hack is open heart surgery". There are many WordPress security plugins you can use to secure your WordPress blog/site, but the essential thing you should not forget is upgrading to the latest version!

How to Download Chrome Offline Installer

How to Download the Offline Standalone Installer of Chrome by Google. Are you using the web browser from Google, 'Chrome'? You should be aware of the automatic online updater. Meaning you need to have internet connection every time there's a new version of the browser to reinstall Google Chrome. In case you don’t like the online installer, and prefer having Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome, but did not find the link to do it?