How to Fix : Adobe Flash Player 9 - Where is the debugger or host application running?

Sometimes when i visited a website/blog, then scrolled about 2/3 of the way down the page a dialog box appeared in the top right of my screen that said "where is the local debugger or local host application running?" :

Adobe Flash Player 9
Where is the debugger or host application running?
o Localhost
o Other Machine
Enter IP Address:

I didn't know why it appeared, i thought it was probably because of an error on the site i visited, so i just cancelled it, and it would just disappeared, Firefox has stopped working dialogue box. Unfortunately, it didn't happen once, On other sites, I also randomly got that prompt. It irritated me!

After blogwalking and searching on Google, i found the answer why it happened and the solution. According to some sources i read, It could be a sign of a corrupted flash player 9 install, OR a flash player 9 installation that is missing components, OR user configuration.

How to resolve this broken adobe flash player 9 problem ?!

>> SOLUTION (Fixed my problem!)

+ If your being prompted with this dialog box in Firefox, Download and install Flash Player 9 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible browsers)
+ If your being prompted with this dialog box in Internet Explorer, Download and install Flash Player 9 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE).

Good Luck!
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15 comments on "How to Fix : Adobe Flash Player 9 - Where is the debugger or host application running?"

Suresh said...

the parmanent solution thankx

anonymenet said...

Im a flash developper, and im telling you that it is not a bug but a configuration of the swf (flash) file generated by the webmaster. He lets the option "debugger" on when he shouldn't have.

Ariady said...

it works (so far...)
nice! :D

Karim Djelid said...

Seems to me that Google ads is serving such swf files!

Gordon H said...

I get this every time I go to youtube. Your saying youtube messed up?

Gippard said...

It's not 'your' it's YOU ARE or YOU'RE!

Mike Phillips said...

I get the same error on ESPN. So a lot of websites are screwing up I guess.

Bob said...

And how to fix this in Chrome?

Richard said...

Yeah, I'd like to know how to fix this in Google Chrome also.

flashfs said...

Apparently that solved my problem. Thanks.

Will said...

Just update to Adobe flash 10.

Collett's said...

Great solution thanks!

The Pigeons' Rule said...

Great! It worked for me, thank you!

(My problem was with Mozilla Firefox)

Jamin said...

After 4 sites, you have the first real solution to this problem. Thank you for your post!

To the comment above: "I'm a Flash developer and the developers are messing up" - Can you explain how if this error is caused developers, why was it not an issue until Windows 7?

I'm a developer myself: I feel it clearly sprang up upon the release of Win 7. ITS A BUG.

Anonymous said...

wow it worked-irritated me too lol.
thank you so much

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